Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wear Your Own Hat.

spitting lines of straight forward progeny
bricoleur bile and death's head monotony
ramblin' rhymes mediocre melody
I sing of the depths; misdemeanor.

Look. It's Monday. We can keep forward keeping on, tales of orca and dragons. Breath, breathe, fire. I could stand tall, pissing off mountains, high hills, strangers. Potentiality is no longer a measure. Everything retains potential energy. These days the measure is not potential but jobs Jobs JOBS. Give me a coherent and calculable measure of the ineffable or give up. There is nothing that cannot be measured, reduced to bits/bytes, and streamed. And if there is, well there won't be once we finally standardize the form and eliminate analog analogues for good. One last 7" (I was in a pool!)

The fact is, the chain of influence, impotence, relevance, & association is inevitable, infinite. I can associate William Jefferson Clinton with William the Conquer, Thomas Jefferson, and George Clinton should I choose (one hell of a band that trio would make). I can associate George Walker Bush with Curious George, Walker Texas Ranger, and that band that I never really listened to much, glycerine. Of course, it isn't really a choice of association. Association is a function of language, narrative structure, and human thought processes. That which is is only by relation to that which it is not. The endless chain (and play) of signification. Could I further overdetermine a reference? Certainly. Hyperlinks. Title data. [a related project is in the works for one of my current classes]. Though overdetermination of data does not inherently signify anything any more or less meaningful than any other chosen chain of meaning and signification. We hack our own ways through the desert/jungle of reality and human relations. Enough of this. 140bmp. Skip scratch and fade the record.

Our courtyard is grassy and there is a climbing tree that Finn is too little to and terribly impatient to climb. He confides to me that the tree has too many secrets. I cannot but agree. Fast running! Daddy, chase me. There is no thinking in a vacuum. There is no think tank that is not biased towards or poisoned by the experiential reality of its "thinkers".

The Milliner Research Foundation says: "Wear Your Own Hat."

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