Saturday, November 5, 2011

Assault on the Three Bridges

Excerpt from a stolen communique, fragment 19:

... and this will bring about the full assault on the Three Bridges: techno, social, semi-divine. It is our intention to rebrand a new scientific paradigm, to create a new theory and a new mode of full philosophizing. Silence only in death and only then from an anthropocentric view of the sonic. History is written with (and into) fictional narrative paradigms, philosophy and theory must follow suit. Reality is what you can get away with. Perception (pace ...

It can safely be assumed that nothing is stable any longer. Change then shall be our guide, our friendly inconstant. The wave has once again crested. There is naught to do by ride it out and make for whatever shore becomes available. Any port in the store. Straight on and strive for tone.

- Posted from my φάρμακον.

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