Monday, October 31, 2011

dark lines

i lost a post last week. Fully formed. Submitted. There was an error. and the screed, the ramble about words and ink and life and ennui and rebellion was lost. The world remains the same. None cried.


1. The Story. (i read books. it seemed enough. foregoing sleep. a woman. a chair. something about the music. too loud? the flight home. lost luggage. sleep. mischief.)

2. The Song. (the is a chanting or a droning in the background. perhaps it is religious. perhaps it is feedback from an audio system. perhaps it is. that which will be will be. so it goes. amen amen it shall be so.)

3. The Situation. (_)
4. The Solution. (go on then. salute.)

On another day, perhaps we are in the woods now and maybe it is a Wednesday or Thursday but regardless those involved are neither skipping work nor unemployed, so a holiday maybe or just one of those long weekends or a vacation or whatever:
Let's skinny dip!
I am aroused from all this consensual nudity. Let us have consensual sexual relations.
Now let us go our separate ways without guilt or shame despite societal proclivities and expectations to the same.
my headphones are broken. shame. that. i suppose i shall need to obtain (purchase) new ones. such. then. the same.

it's late. I need sleep. the semicolons need sleep. let us ;;;;;;;;;: