Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We have coffee again (with adorable photos)

We have coffee again. The new grinder came in yesterday afternoon. Led to Finn running outside chasing the mail lady. She was amused. He wasn't wearing any shoes and, chasing after, neither was I. Does great things for the floors. So as long as I don't break this one...

Finn is making incongruous shapes out of his duplos; calling them food. We both partake. "Food. Good."

He decided he could read all his books at the same time

Enough photos.

It's an odd thing, coming to grips with being a dad, a stay-at-home one at that. Puts my artistic narcissism in a new light. I hate being the guy that only talks about his kid, but when he is your sole companion all day (and when so few of the people around share my odd and divergent interests)...

My instagram feed is mostly pictures of him, my twitter feed is mostly about him or a "Being-without" when I get time away (though it's really about 80% RTs). There is a certain claustrophobia to it all. Did I mention he's sitting on my lap now?

I guess it comes down to a phase shift, switching a twentysomething's listless drunken ennui for a suburban stasis, a holding pattern where I hope I don't run out of jet fuel before John McClane sets fire to the runway. I guess when thinking about my future, I never really considered the reality behind chasing after a toddler. I don't want to call it growing up or maturing because while that has been an aspect of it for me, it isn't for many, much as they would protest. Parenting no longer fits on that continuum of events that one "does after high school" in the same way that I contend that college in not inherently necessary to a good life. In fact, the more of those way stations on the road of life that I pass unheedingly, the more I realize the absurdity in thinking that this is the way things must be done, should be done. At least I'm now in position to give advice to the next generation. Of course, looking, acting, and thinking the way I do, I doubt many will listen.

A thought to leave you with: Ravensburger puzzles have interchangeable pieces.

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