Monday, April 11, 2011

Lo, the compositor (a man, a plan, a kid, & Spaceballs)

Bolt is on for the third time today and yet again no one is watching it. I'm grabbing a rare minute to write after fucking around on the GarageBand app creating a distinctly out of tune statement of bass guitars. I am fairly convinced that I need a translator to turn my rough music ideas into a actionable composition. Oh the degenerate hobbies of a dilettante. I am also drinking some Earl Grey tea. Finn is playing with what sounds like duplos or his trains (likely both) in his room and hasn't needed me to come in a fix something for a few minutes. A lucky respite. If he hadn't woken up at 5 (and spent 15 minutes lying on the floor outside our bedroom not knocking or coming in for reasons all his own - but I could hear him out there) and napped so early that I just took it as opportunity to go back to sleep myself, this might be a more exciting turn. But you take the time you can get. And I am always exhausted on Mondays...
"Yes, little man, what do you need?"

Two puzzles, a book, and a piggyback ride later, I return. Finishing the tea and cracking into a Sam Adams Scotch Ale (not too bad). I've grown tired (and mildly depressed) that I can usually quote Bolt better than Spaceballs. Though due to multiple daily watchings of this another, mostly Pixar works, my favorite movies no longer number anywhere near the top of the list of Most Watched. So, not much of a surprise, but still. And Since we picked up the Mel Brooks collection not too long ago; perhaps it's time to remedy the situation.
"You went over my helmet!"

He seems not to object. Of course he is more interested in the train on the open page of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. You have to start somewhere. If this works out though, I'll be glad. Glad glad glad glad glad.
Problems you never knew you would have as a parent #217: explaining that a Mog is not a Lion.

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