Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That puzzle is missing its pieces

So I missed last week. Off to a good start.

But it's a new year now. And so fresh starts. Fresh starts with stale ideas.

Given that the holidays are finally winding to a close and work is looking even bleaker in the cool, grey light of January, I figure I could write about family. About growing up and apart and becoming who we always were but only seem to really realize when we revert to who our families expect us to be.

I could.

I could write about resolutions and plans on making this year better than the last. There are lots of things I hope for, but few that are really in my immediate control. The big one is publishing.

But there isn't much to say about that either. I need to put more words to the page - an effort that having family around and in need of entertainment (or just wanting to talk, we see each other so rarely) makes increasingly difficult.

I don't live into most conducive environment. Welcome to real life. Fix what you can, deal with the rest. And keep the words moving. Hopefully without someone coming into the room every minute or two to blather (I have been trying to write this meandering nonsense foe hours.).

There. One post. That's one in the bank. Next.

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