Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm writing again. I'm wearing a new hat.

There were several posts that I had been planning on getting up here in the weeks (has it really been weeks) since I last posted. I have one about the Disney vacation. Another about the Roger Waters show. And the follow up to that last semi-philosophical entry. I have a lot of intentions.

There were reasons for the gap. Excuses for the delay - can't post mobile, never enough time after work, vacation, sickness, the grad school apps and requisite writings, a new Rupert Felix piece for Storied (entering final personal edits and ready to be sent off to the editors for official edits). But somehow the excuses always ring hollow when I finally do find myself in a position to write and I think back and consider that I had five minutes here, ten minutes there; what did I do with all that time? I wasted it. It is depressing.

I got the new hat at the Gap today. It was on sale. It helps complete my Aldous Snow look. The way I am shedding pounds these days, the only thing that I lack to complete the look is the hair. I've tried that one before. Not a success. Too many months of terrible middling lengths to make the effort meaningful. Pretty soon you will all be coming for my bangers, beans, and mash. JoyCan is set to be the band of the voice of the next decade of the millenium. All we need to do is learn how to pretend to play our instruments (like Paul Rudd, "I slappa de bass").

I spent 20 minutes earlier trying to figure out the best way to make wikipedia display Assyrian Neo-Aramaic. What makes less sense is that the language I'm pretty sure I want to use Old Aramaic and frankly the ability to see what the letters look like is going to affect my story almost not at all. It does remind me again of the undercurrent of my desire to understand and study linguistics and language (only to be reminded of how complex the issue is, a worthy distraction though, I suppose). Aladdin Sane. I just went back and tried to figure the whole thing out again. Still mired in the complexities of language families and history and diaspora. Still not writing the story that the research is ostensibly for. Still drinking Joseph Drouhin Beaujolais Nouveau.

I think it's time to get to writing some of those other posts. Notably, Roger Waters/Pink Floyd/The Wall.

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