Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finish Strong. They won't remember your failures.

Nothing like a walk through the morning rain to wash away your sins.

"When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide."
- John & Paul

The computer/TV setup has proven to be a bad idea. An incomplete one, at least. Since I am copying this down from my pocket notebook (from about 14 hours ago). Better being able to get the thoughts down somewhere than go through the rest of the day trying to remember that idea (good or otherwise) that I had earlier. Forgetting what might have been a good idea always bothers me to no end. Especially since the idea, if I could remember it, would likely be of little consequence but the not being able to remember bestows a grand aura of lost excellence (or the possibility thereof). Though the going back and writing the actual post later does allow me to edit out the boring bits, the parts about Finn's breakfast, and the scribbles in search of coherence. It was morning. I was (and still am) exhausted. Forcing productivity is going to get easier, right? Of course if I had the next new brand new next next fancy thing that would totally make me productive and not just a lazy procrastinator with a brand new toy that could make me more diligent if I were the sort of person to be diligent in the first place.

[that was about all I had from the morning.]

I live a, well I guess the best word for it is sheltered, life. Not exactly by choice. Time is such a rare commodity that I rarely feel justified in spending any time reading up on the news of the world. I need to be playing trucks with Finn. Or cooking dinner. Or cleaning up. Or writing. Or doing this or that for work. You get stretched thin. The first things to go are things like checking the updates on my reader feeds and reading the various news sources I find intriguing. And so I have been finding myself less and less in the know of late (if I had a job that came with a cube and computer this would almost certainly not apply at all but as it is I am perpetually out of the loop). It leaves me in a position of having to make this blog a lot more self-centered that I would really like. I mean, I am vain. Terribly so. And I love to hear myself talk. But not just about anything. Not without an audience that prompts me to my next ridiculous display. Not without a crowd that I can pretend finds me witty and irresistible. I want this blog to be about something in that grandiose bullshit kind of way that everyone this day and age wants to feel important about themselves, about something. I guess I am no different. Maybe a little more self-aware and shameless. But now I can't follow the news. I don't much bother with politics. I won't talk about work. And I don't want to be the guy that rambles on and on about how his kid is the greatest in the universe (he is, natch, but given his parents that was to be expected). What do I have left? A couple of TV shows that Gina and I still find time for and the books that I manage to read on lunch hours. The Fall seasons haven't really started yet (have they?). Burn Notice was good. The SyFy crossovers were done very well (if only they could be more than a one off blip to be retconned almost immediately). I very much liked The Magicians (despite the fact that I think the Narnia books are complete and utter shit). So much so that there were times that I wanted to book to end happier. Or sadder, really. I can go along with an author that happily-ever-afters an otherwise cynical tale because its what the audience always silently hopes for. And I always agree with a scorched earth method of "life is shit and this book is real, dammit" that refuses to concede to the happy ending crowds. I guess it's just the middle path that bothers me. I guess I would rather have sunshine and farts or dingy mud puddle pessimism instead of any of that in between hope never dies work that just unsettles me. Sorry for the thematic spoilers guys. Go out and read the book. It's good and a sequel is coming.

First Lord's Fury was a little disappointing (for Butcher's insatiable optimism and belief in the betterment of mankind) but still a worthy end to the Codex Alera series. Lord Sunday was also a bit of a let down (the pacing wasn't the best, the twists at the end were unique but too predictable. Though, as a critical theorist reading a children's book, I might be being a tad overcritical). But it too was a more than worthy end of a good series. Harry Dresden and the Abhorsen are still far and away better. Just how it is. Eating the Dinosaur is going strong so far. I don't know that I will be able to finish it before Thursday when it's due back at the library.

That seems like enough.

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