Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jimi drank red wine on the night he was betrayed, I drank red wine while writing this post (coincidence?)

When James Michael Ruffino was born he cried, his father smoked a cigar, his mother lay in a hospital bed uncomfortably, and the Indy 500 crowned a new champion. It was 1969 and Mario Andretti was Jimi's father's second favorite American Hero. That a 2 and 1/2 month old James Michael made an appearance at Woodstock should clue you in on who came in first on Paolo's list (it was not little Arlo).

At six, little Jimi had broken both arms and both legs (not at the same time), spent a total of 6 months in a hospital, and had conned all his friends and acquaintances out of their allowances for 2 years running. He spent the money on comics that he read once and then stored in plastic. The collection, willed to his daughter Constance Marie, would sell for a surprising total of $1.73 M.

At ten, Jimi was permanently excused from attending school (his arguments for "street smarts" were very persuasive).

At 15, Jimi had slept with all of his mother's friends (married, single, men, etc).

At 17, Jimi was working full time for the Family and living in Alphabet City shithole. He was not addicted to heroin, though he had tried it and did sell it at a tidy profit that he kicked up the chain.

At 21, Jimi had married and divorced the Don's younger daughter. He counted every day he remained alive as a blessing. He began to compose his memoirs.

Yes, in part 3 there is still going to be a bomb.

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