Friday, June 25, 2010

Prominent Blogger Awaits Confirmation from Undisclosed Sources

Back, it seems, from another hiatus. Writing is difficult. Posting equally so. Especially considering the outdated technological artifacts I carry around with me. A phone that can't function as a mobile publication hub? What the fuck is wrong with me? Good question. But it's a situation that I am not going to get around to fixing any time soon, so other measures will need to be taken. Given time (to make idle reference to a book I haven't read.)

I'm writing again. Working on my last chapter for my first Storied project. The new app is in the iTunes store. I should check it out. Jotting down some ideas about the grocery project. Starting out what seems to be a new Dexter Burroughs adventure. I never know when I start in on these things. It's not the way I work. Which I suppose is much of the problem with the all of my artistic endeavors. I lack planning and foresight.

Have you ever watched yourself type in a mirror. It is oddly disconcerting. And yet surprising how easily your brain gets used to the idea.

I am always intrigued by how the brain works. It's always capable of so much more than we realize.

Work is what it is. I would rather be working with food at a more advanced level, in a more creative and rewarding capacity. But it serves. And the schedule has improved.

I haven't painted in a while. Finn doesn't offer me much time to pursue my lesser artistic hobbies. He is far too enthralled with smacking the amp and fucking with the volume knobs (he wants them up to 11 and damn the man if his little ears can't take it) for me to get much opportunity to "slappa the bass". I guess I am going to devote the time I do get to writing. I'm better at it. As I progress in my various other artistic pursuits, I realize how much I have to learn, to practice, to develop. I recognize readily the significant difference between adequately serviceable and elegant finesse. I can crush words and sentences into shape, less so with brush strokes or knife work. Not that is reason for me to give up on my dilettantism, just an increasing need to focus on the writing for the time being.

When are the second gen iPads coming out?

Good enough. I'll be back later.