Wednesday, June 24, 2009

now wait just an ellipsis

Yes, being a father changes your life. Nothing is ever the same. Yes, you would do anything for your kids. Yes. But it's not a reset button. It doesn't start your life over, take you back to square one, give you a tabula rasa. Because, really, all that changes is that you are the same person with new beautiful responsibilities. It doesn't change what you like to do with your free time. You just have a lot less free time and that broken up by feeding, diaper changes, trips to the park, and more silly songs that usual. Yes, I am a parent now. But that's not all I am.

I am still at work on various speculative fictions, I am still reading theory and will perhaps write some more academic pieces in the near future. I still paint. I still read all the time, watch movies, and listen to good music (none of that soothing lullaby shit to "improve brain function" -- Miles Davis is just as effective in my book). So as I continue to define the nature of this space, I will be making an effort not to appear one-dimensional. Like string theory, I need at least 11 dimensions to make sense.

That said, there was a recent piece in Salon that named a number of blogs by, of, about, and for fathers that I will be looking into and perhaps reviewing here as well as following (or not) regularly. The internets are about the community and all that. It's time I start contributing to the success of my community. Might get more people to read this bilious screed, too. Hmm.

And so, signing off, check this out via Time: Is an Ugly Baby Harder to Love?

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