Tuesday, May 5, 2009

it's one of those days when the world burns but you just don't care

I've tried, variously as I do, to recommend or advise a certain course of living that, at least as I took it, boils down to basically three tenets:

love thy neighbor
don't be a dick

Maybe no one else saw it that way. So it goes. But those are the lessons I intend to teach my son.

Life is both a simple and intensely complex thing. The world is a vast & glorious place full of pain and misery, joy and sweet suffering, beauty, death, & forgetfulness. Sometimes I want to fix the world. I want to tell people to get their heads out of their asses and take a look around at everything before it's too late. But I don't have any answers or snake oil to sell. I don't much believe in answers. Do what thou wilt. No man is an island unto himself. The planet will be here long after us. No point worrying about how we die out. It'll happen eventually. And then heat death: the universe dies of boredom.

You do what you can. Or you try to pretend that there's nothing you can do and you look out for number one trying to convince yourself your not miserable, that something isn't missing. Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn't. It isn't significant. In an infinite universe, nothing much is.

Understand your impact.


Today, sitting here in the sun, I tell you it doesn't matter whether the world is going to the dogs or not; it doesn't matter whether the world is right or wrong, good or bad. It is - and that suffices. The world is what it is and I am what I am." - Miller, Black Spring


... growls poetry with a sledgehammer