Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a funny thing happened on the way to the deli

On an otherwise uneventful trip to the atm and deli I happened upon two things that I felt to absurd/amusing to deny them mention.

The first: on the street next to the man selling dvds of questionable quality and provenance and the man selling hats, sunglasses, & knick knacks for your phone was another man with a table. He was selling 24 packs of socks. Plain white tube socks.

The second: at the deli there was a new computer printed sign up on the glass noting new extras among them cucumbers, carrots and mild/spicy hot sauce. These appetizing extras were all available for only a measly 50€. At the current rate (€1 = $1.3291) that's $66.45 for hot sauce. I guess it pays well that most customers won't notice the €≠¢ until they hit the register.

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