Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Back in a saddle, of sorts.

So I have merrily taken my time off. Extended my winter holidays in lazy January meandering, getting nothing posted, few things written, and only idle fictions read. It was fun while it lasted. It lasted longer than it should have.


I have gotten back to the books. The thesis, mostly. Pleasure reading and reading for the researching the fiction writing has fallen and must continue to fall by the wayside so long as I am solely graded and met with deadlines for the scholarly pursuits. That being said, I am currently at work (couldn't necessarily say hard at work - don't so much have the time/drive for both) at what looks to be a longer form fiction piece blending many of my previous stories, characters, genres, and realities. As it becomes available, I aim to post for comments, amusements, what have you.

I may also begin to put various thesis type meanderings up. Convoluted thought streams on the signature and the name, on identity and presence and the internet. And who knows what else. Bear with me. I make sense of it in the end. Mostly. And getting it down always helps. And maybe you want to read it, perhaps?

Well. That seems to be about it for now. Sitting here at work with my 2L bottle of Ito En Golden Oolong trying not to feel like my copy of Limited Inc is staring at my accusingly. "This is not a waste of time, damn it."

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