Saturday, December 23, 2006

There are two types of people: those who want to be rock stars and those who want to rock.

Because some people will never know, because there’s just no learnin’ ‘em. I was so much older once, I dumber than that now.

You can never tell … but look at it this way … or if you would … just remember … when Johnny comes marching home…

I am looking for a girl that can bring out the darkness. I am looking for a girl that can make me as crazy as I know I might be. Apply within.

By transitive property anything is possible. Math is the music of the unknown universe, ubiquitous silence of the teeming masses, language of all the rotting gods. Let us stand on the mountains built by those who came before and piss on the houses of those who will come after. There is only the interminable boredom of now. Let there be doubt. And it was good; or something.

I like it. Even if nothing else has changed and we are dying like we were yesterday, I am better than I was before. It makes it easier to deal with the monotony. But waking up is just as hard. Work is bullshit. But don’t tell anyone, the workers of the world might decide to unite and lose their chains, quit there jobs. And then who would process all the oil we went to war for? And who would make the SUVs we need all the gas to drive? And who would help desecrate the planet? Such a debacle. All because I am lazy. And beautiful.

For some reason we all enjoy destruction. If I were to ask you a question … (she slapped me in response)… wailing is the new black. So is the old black. Go figure. The family that stays together still doesn’t understand the second son. I’m the little brother. Black sheep black sheep, have you any wool? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. But we decided to keep it off the market in an effort to stem supply and increase demand there by increasing profit. You know how capitalism is… Them’s the breaks. The stories we tell are all the same. It’s just an effort to get back to a home I never had. A feeling I can almost remember. Freedom to be myself before any of my friends and teachers told me I was wrong. Before TV told me how to behave and my I could understand that I was an outcast. In the before time. In the long long ago. Who goes to carousel tonight?

Life is comedy. Tragedy is all in the details; a myopic failure to see the bigger picture. Pins and needles. Macbeth with a gun; his speech bubble says ‘bang, with a smile!’ Hamlet holding his skull; he takes Advil for his Excedrin headache and whiskey to wash all the dreams down. Romeo decided to go back to Rosalind; she did this thing with her tongue that Jules could never really figure out. Who the fuck knows anymore. I fired the censors. And smoke filled the bar, haze obscuring everything. There was a fight that I shied away from. And a bottle that I didn’t pay for. But everything else was noise and the moment. Get me my longsword, ho. And get me another beer from the fridge, too… ho.

Watch Ye Therefore isn’t a real band. I wonder what a psychologist would try to tell me based on the lies I try to tell her…

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