Thursday, February 23, 2006

say ‘no’ to fake shakes

The only real difference between college life and life after college is that now I drink alone. Other than not having my friends around to get meals with, go out drinking with, chill and hang out with, there really isn’t much difference. Classes were a job much like any other. You could just skip them with less consequence. Eh.

I have half assed my way through life. Finally I have come to a point where it might get me into trouble.

I surround myself with absurdity. It seems fitting, in the end.

I shamed my family and disgraced my name. And so I gave up my name and took another. I am the Prophet. I have no honor. I am here none the less…
Come, let us drink. And forget.

Turtle: You can’t kill the Devil, boy. Oh, no. The Devil, he can’t die. If you kill the Devil, boy, you’ll become the Devil. That story never ends. And there ain’t no other way about it.

There is a code to our lives. A code that divides us from the barbarians. A code that sets us above the commoners as paragons and allows them to trust us; to submit to our rule. The warrior is the code or he is nothing. I have abandoned the code.

The world ended years ago. We’re what’s left.


For S____

if I had an ocean
(or even a beautiful horizon)
to watch the fading of
day into the dark and welcoming night
to help me forget her
I would.
I would.
but all I have is reality television
and a bottle of Jack.



the blurred (glasses-free) vision
of the coffee shop lets me
see things that might not
really be there. But if
my future is to be like these
ass-dragging fucktards writing their
masterworks at the surrounding tables
I should just
give up now.



one of the most
powerful words
in the English language
is, slowly,
losing its power.


poetry is for assholes

poetry is for assholes;
posturing fools so ready
so willing
to bare their poor (but oh so creative) souls
for the ravaging (be gentle, he’s fragile)
of the ignorant masses
that they
don’t even consider
the consequences.

“If you drink, you will die.
If you don’t, you will die.
So you might as well say, ‘What the fuck’
And drink until you die.”
- a Kappa drinking song

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