Saturday, December 10, 2005

garbled eggs; thoughts while sitting

lying is the last greatest art form
the wellspring from which all other arts emanate
it is so
it is written

I have yet to find anything worth fighting for.

You’re never going to get shit from anything if you only ever care about yourself. I should fucking know. Life is a dull and tasteless affair. Hell is other people. But so is heaven. So where do you go from there?

I have killed for less.

Easy, baby. Chill out. You just aren’t good enough for me. I simply can’t devote that much of my precious time to an endeavor as phenomenally useless as you. Besides, you’re not that attractive.

Bitch, you talk to me that way one more fucking time and I will slap you. In the goddamn mouth. Fuck, slut, don’t even fucking try. Me, not good enough for you? Fuck that shit. You can’t handle my fucking sweetness. So shut your goddamn mouth and know your fucking role.

  • What do you do for fun?

  • I rape kittens.

  • Oh. Just that?

  • There are some other things. But I wouldn’t want to bore you.

  • Good. I hate being bored.

I am so funny.

He wanted to create something. I just wanted to destroy.

"You're smiling. Why are you smiling?"
"Because there are some time travelling ninjas out to kill us."


Billy Prophet said...

I know it's nothing special. And it doesn't really flow or any of that. And most of it is nonsense. But that is what I have. I have been too busy for anything much else. Or to otherwise engaged. I'm not really ever "busy." It's not like I do much. Or anything. Other than work. And there is always more time for things other than work. If I make time for things other than work. Anyway, I am working on other things. Stories, tales, what have you. I was never going to make this into a journal about my "real" life anyway. Maybe if you leave more comments, I might be more inclined to write more specific posts, &c. We shall see. All things in their own time.

Kathryn said...

Billy: Why does Christmas bring out the worst in us? And what should I do about mandatory company holiday parties when I hate Christmas and I hate mingling? (Drinking is not an option, I already asked)