Wednesday, November 23, 2005

these are the times that try men's souls

"You're nothing more than a two-bit whore selling someone else's body. They aren't your words and this isn't your soul."

I suppose it is true.

it's emblamatic; of me trying to free myself from my own debilitating mediocrity.

It goes nowhere, really. More's the pity. For he was a good man, and thorough. But all for naught it would seem. Not that he's dead. Just useless; now. I knew him once, before. But that was it.

The Maestro must die!

"His name was Napoleon V. He was a dwarf."

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Billy Prophet said...

it would seem that i just stopped caring. but that would indicate that i cared at some point. and i dont know that i ever did. not about this; not really. i had hopes that it might come to something. but i am tired now and that never does much for me. and so, fading into the mist, i would remember or at least acknowledge that there was more once. and i was better then. but i will rise again. actually, i hightly doubt that. there isn't anything after this. this comment is nearly as pathetic as the post it is commenting on. fuck. i need to go to sleep.