Saturday, November 5, 2005

The Lost Post

So I posted some of this earlier and then it never showed up on the page. I can't much explain it. I tell you, I don't much trust these internets. Good thing the fad will be over in a year or two.

So, since most of the post was lost and I don't much remember what I had here before, mourn for what was lost. Flashes of brilliance in the vast well of mediocrity. Cry, oh son of man, cry.

That's right, it was a Hanzō sword.

Kramer: Levels.

To be honest, it was just because I had a bit of time off from work. Damn, but is work ever stifling to the wells of creativity.

Hugin is silent and stoic. Lost in contemplation, the future, and what will be should can be comes. Mugin is screaming. Memory remembers. Memory regrets. Marked for eternity. Standing on his shoulders, whispering the secrets of the world.

Love is the only thing that can truly take us beyond ourselves; that can overcome our own inate human selfishness. Amanzing thing, that love. Can you tell what's still missing with this self-centered fuck?

Rage, oh rage, petty monster for the light dims and our fires will soon out. The Dawn of Man has passed. The Day is fading. Dusk is upon us; where the shadows roam. Let not the Night Stalker have a chance to feast.

I know things. Not important things. Or useful things. But none the less, they are things. And I do know them. Like it or fucking not. And it goes from there. As do all things. In time, and time, again.

Fuck it, I can't remember any more. Suffice it to say, it was good; damn good.

One of my bass guitars is a Busker's Original.

"Alas, poor Yorick ... I knew him well."
- The Hamlet, The Hamlet

“The only way to remain relevant is to be ahead of the changes.”
- A daring missive brought to you by The Hepkat Fönne Brigade, a division of the 4Propheteers, part of the Foundation for the Absent Tomorrow.

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