Sunday, November 6, 2005

Hey, look what's happening over there!

In addition to whatever it is that I am doing on this horrendous blog, I am now working on a long form prose blog. 3,000 Days of Sun. There's a link over on the left. Anyway, I encourage everyone to check it out and leave comments, criticisms, what not. What with the long form prose being the writing I am trying to get down to actually doing. You know, as a job and shit. So, that would be nice of you and all.

In case you are worried that my work on that page will somehow curtail my work on this one, though, fear not. I will maintain them both. I indeed have your interests placed firmly last in my priority box, faithful reader, and I will not forget them just because I don't give a shit about you or what you think.

And on that note, I am still not getting enough comments. You know who you are. You have the power to end this.

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The Fresh Prince said...

"Robots don't say ye!"

On the one hand I was glad that they suspended TO for the season, on account of he's a prick and the Anti-Christ. On the other hand, he was one half of the Tomlinson-Owens 1-2 punch that held my fantasy team together, and I will miss the points he scored for me.

As for your writing, it's like an episode of Seinfeld. Amusing but pointless.

"I'll show ye"