Friday, November 4, 2005

Heads I win, Tales you lose.

I will not sacrifice myself to the greater good.

It's sort of a personal thing. But like that stoner kid from Road Trip, I have a feeling that the world is going to need me. And by that I mean, I am not done yet. With life and accomplishing shit and all that. Not that I ever plan on doing anything "for" anyone (it is only ever for myself, as if you couldn't tell), most especailly for the "world". After all, the "world", like the "universe" has rarely been on my side. I stole Atropos' scissors and ever since she and her sisters have been just short of sending the Furies after me. Everything is eventual, unless you get on the bad side of the Moirae.

On similar lines, I believe it was the Norns who decided to exile me to Suburbia. Not even Prophets are immune to the absurdities of Fate.

Now that Good Sir Krol is good and bored (he does not take to well to the less relevant aspects of my glorious prose) I will venture into less restrictive territory.

Ever get the feeling that you want to destroy ... something anything
especially if you could (something beautiful) get away with it?
because that would mean
that you are better than them (the others) and the system. Which
is always good. not that it is usually true and it mostly
won't matter; reckless and regardless of what you could do (you won't do it anyway).
I don't trust myself. How could I trust you? Game to the
end of the reality and then I said, "..."
Useless is the way, but nothing else and it goes nowhere from there.
And the rest is noise. (the signal 2 ratio must be off)

So it would seem that the Right Honorable J. Garrett Morris, 14th Earl of Westerbridgeshirebergmanstein, has recently felt compelled to take up the position of Prophet. However, since I am already the Prophet of the group, and this being my forum, he will have to take on a slightly differnt title. He has yet to accept a new name and location, as I, Prophet of Saxony, and all others like me have. However, in the running are Lester Alan Nateworthy, Yellow Emperor of Transitional E-Space, and Aslan Lionheart, Bringer of Blanket Inevitability. Leave your ideas in the suggestion box. "He" will "choose" one of them at my discretion.

The other things I have to say, I will say later. But I will say this:

(sometimes, life is deafening).

"Cubs win! Cubs win!"
- Harry Caray

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