Saturday, November 19, 2005

Give an old man his due...

Left to consider all on his own, a young man developed the opinion not only that the world was flat, but that he was the center of the universe. His at least. You see, as far as he was concerned (and as far as I am concerned his concerns are the only valid concerns of this short tale) nothing much mattered if it didn't matter to him. That was much the way of things. And things continued as such and in said vein for quite some time. Life doesn't change much and it happens to be much the same all over. In the vernacular, the phrase runs: same old shit. Or something very similar. So as he was continuing his life in much the same way as he always did, something happened that changed something, and thus (following the much touted elusive butterfly effect) he dumped his girlfriend (she wasn't that big of a prize anyway), quit his job (which he was quite certain he hated) and moved. After all, why not? Life is and was and ever shall be much and more so of the same. But this young man no longer was. In fact, he was quite different. At least, he was now. But new habits form quickly. And soon he had another girlfriend who was no prize and another job that was shit and more shit and lived in another place that was really no different than the one he left. Turns out that is the way of things. Anyone care for a drink?

I'm not afraid of anything. But that doesn't mean much anymore.

- Usko, On his better Days.

"I dig music."
- Russell from Stillwater, Almost Famous Tour '73


Billy Prophet said...

If I leave comments on my own page, though completely unrelated to my post (it isn't like my post opens up much of a forum for debate. Well I suppose some might disagree that life is the same shit all over, but they are wrong and I dare them to prove otherwise) do you think it will provide enough incentive for others to leave equally witty and incicive comments of their own? I'm looking at you, Misa. Well not actually, since you are quite some distance away. I am really looking at my computer screen and occassionally the tv (playing harry potter 2, though it is muted and I am listening to Jimi Hendrix. Quite the combination really). But I believe you get the meaning. So leave comments. Let's foster a healthy dialogue that I can cut to pieces with my disdain for all opinions that are not my own.

Anonymous said...

That's the second time I've seen it written "&c" and the first time I've seen it in a font where it all makes sense to me now.

(You'll probably come to notice a pattern about me--I'm a little slow on the uptake when it comes to the little things.)