Tuesday, October 18, 2005

to dance with Jak o' the Shadows

I wrote a symphony once. It only used 4 notes and variations on 3 themes. It was for the double bass, timpani, and oboe. Before it was lost it was considered by some to be a masterpiece; the greatest such work in some time. Alas, some things cannot be changed and all copies were destroyed in the fire.

I have written a good share of lousy fucking poetry. I kept journals back in my youth. Many, most of them contained poems - you know that teen angst bullshit that at the time seemed so witty so insightful so not shit but was exactly the opposite. And for some reason all of my journals degenerated into scribbling at some point. I have never been able to accurately express my rage.

I've come to identify with all the drunks and hooligans of literature.

It is what it is. But I am so much more.

Rain in the desert. Celebrate it. It doesn't happen often.

Pigeons on my roof. I would kill them but aparently I'm not allowed. And I'm too lazy to try to scare them away. It's not like I want to throw rocks at my house. That isn't really a good idea. Not from what I hear anyway.

I pick my battles.

Also, thanks to J. Garrett Morris, Supreme Commander of the Semi-Colon and Savior of the Fish Stick, I now have links on my page. Beg for the right to have one of your own.

"At the pre-emptory request of a large majority of the citizens of these United States, I Joshua Norton, formerly of Algoa Bay, Cape of Good Hope, and now for the last nine years and ten months past of San Francisco, California, declare and proclaim myself the Emperor of These United States."
- Joshua A. Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico

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