Friday, October 21, 2005

Silence the Opposition! Bearclaws for Everyone!

The little encouragement that I have received has only made me worse; more out of control, less sensical, more willing to waste other people's time with my bullshit. In the end there will be ... an end to the madness? a meaning to the madness? In the end there will be something. That's what ends are. That is completely untrue. Some things just end. Some things just are and then are not.

When I talk to my friends about their jobs (the guys anyway- which is most of them) we rarely get to what it is we actually "do." A job is a job is a job. Nothing special and if it pays - good. The real measure of whether or not a job is "good" is how many hot ladies it brings you in contact with - coworkers and customers. Jorge Sandoval Krol wants to hit on his hot boss, but all his superiors hitting on her kinda get in his way and are something of a deterrent. El Gato Grande looks forward to his new consulting position more for the hot coworkers than the substantial higher salary. And I admit that I have done much the same. Aparently none of us care to remember the age old adage to "never mix work with pleasure," or maybe we just want some "look but don't touch" eye-candy to ease the dulldrums of the work day, or maybe we simply hope that Dr. Evil was right when he said, "Don't worry, Mama, it won't get weird." 10:1 odds on it turning out badly. If it turns out at all.

"That's it, isn't it?" "Yeah, that's it." "Well then, I guess I'll be going." "You could stay, if you want." "Why the fuck would I stay?" "..."

Everything is temporary. Everything temporary can be endured. When does "real life" start? When does 'this' become something more?

"All things can be forgotten in time and in drink."
- Isaac Aronson, Dark Side of the Bottle

"Rules were made broken."
- Professor Truth I. Sweetness, Contemplations in UnEnlightenment

"If only life were as easy as you I would still get screwed."
- The Bloodhound Gang, "I'm the Least You Could Do"

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