Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Run Longer. Sleep Less.

The Sighlent Scream

of my deep, dark blue (purple-ish) despair
I dare not speak.

Not so much so
because of the lie
(those I speak freely and often)
rather because I aim solely
to entertain
in my speech.

And I would not
could not
should not

subject you to such trivialities.

Not that I care
about you.

So be sure.

Fuck it;
fuck you;
And fuck off.


Death to Alarm Clocks and all their Makers. The World would be much better served without their kind. Truly the most Infernal of Machines.

Meet me on Walpurgisnacht. I'll have what you need.

"You don't have to worry about the barbarians at the gate if you are a barbarian yourself."
- Usko, Poisoning the Wells

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