Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How 'bout those Yankees? How 'bout those Red Sox?

Yeah. That.

See, I've sort of been busy. I work now. Money and shit. For food mostly. And hookers. You never can have enough hookers. Especially cheap ones. Get a few of the ladies of the evening together and take a bath in a kiddie pool full of nickels. And by "take a bath" I mean "we gonna get dirty" and then wash ourselves with nickels. Because that's how I roll.

(and now, a poem)


below the harddeck Jester called
No joy.

life lived in reverse
unstuck in time or worse
a life not lived
at all.
not worth examining, that

so I sat
in the Theater of the Absurd
wishing for meaning or
a good bit of rope or
at least for the end to come or

it's the waiting that gets you.
always the waiting
in the end.

and the Wrath
of the whole Rulan Armada
came following after
shattering an empire
of satisfaction
and then reality took

a backseat


I imagine there will be more later. You know, when I feel like it. Fuckers. I still hate you all.

"Flag burning is the process of lighting a flag on fire and burning it."
- Usko, The Book of Good Things

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