Monday, October 31, 2005

The Grassroots Approach to Fame

Perception is Reality.

Kramer: He went down at the Beakman, he tried to lam, but they cheesed him.

"Reality is just a Government Codeword for boring."
- The Danger Guy

You know what is annoying, stalkers. That's right, those fuck bastards who have nothing better to do with their time than watch you watch tv. Unless the OC is out of reruns. Turns out every stalker in the world loves the OC. Who would have guessed? Personally, I hate the show. Looks dumb. But I digress. Stalkers. They are annoying. Especially when they are not really really hot bitches who would be willing to stop stalking you after you give them an std or two. Because that is my idea of a party. The other kind though, there really is no respite. You can't kill them. I hear that shit is illegal nowadays. And you can't fuck 'em, because that only makes them want to stay and cuddle and all that shit. Which is really more annoying that the original stalking. So what do you do? Let me know if you have an ideas.

And now for Today's Words from the Sweet Dude for the Sweet Dude:

"Jaeger Bombs Away."

That was Today's Words fromt he Sweet Dude for the Sweet Dude. Use them wisely. Not inteded for use by non-Sweet Dudes. So be warned.

and now, the shout outs

To Matthew Danger Brown - heard you had an excellent halloween. How did dressing up as K-Fed go for you? Don't let the bait get to you, you'll be whoring it up soon enough.

To J. Garrett Morris, the next Supreme Court Justice nominee to decline the nomination for "personal reasons" - so I met this blue-haired chick the other day, I gave her your number. You don't care that she's a little on the fat side and has a mustache, right?

To John Stockton Krol - watch out for those strippers, especially the one-legged ones that convince you to marry them while you are drunk because they think you are loaded because you told her a line about how you were an investment banker and flashed a fat roll of fake benjamins. (I love you, Allison.)

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Kathryn said...

You know what else is annoying? Internet stalkers. Those bastards who log onto your website everyday with an anonymous IP address like "the-cloak." Thank goodness for IP address blocking.

I would also like to add to the shout outs

To Senator Reid- I thought you were a lame senator who couldn't keep up with Las Vegas. But after you invoked Rule 21, my heart sang. Homeboy Reid, keep a close watch on them redneck Republicans, and you can party with me anytime.