Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why buy the cow when you can fuck it for free?

It would seem that my one fan (Johann Sebastian Krol to be specific) doesn't like my writing. Mostly because he doesn't know how to read. I can see no other reason.

J. Garrett Morris, the Minister of Truth and Justice and the American Way, has also made suggestions on my writing. But it was something about theater and a legitimate relationship with an intelligent woman (as if I am going to pursue a relationship with an intelligent woman, they are so much harder to swindle). It was a good idea. Maybe I'll do something with it later and there has some talk of it being book that we are going to put together. It's tentatively titled Tuesday. But I have passed on the idea for now. And the one he had about a cactus. Let's just say it was painful.

I have nothing better to say. And nothing else to say. And this post isn't going to end with a random quote.

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