Friday, September 9, 2005

The Details of My Life are Quite Inconsequential

and yet...

To quote the Prophet, "that horse is not dead." And so I continue with this glorious travesty I call my life.

You see, it breaks down like this: I am young, talented, and directionless. I am a writer, but of nothing of consequence. And i have no marketable skills or at least not in any convential sense. So I can't really get a 'real' job. I'm not qualified or interested. Go on...

So I'm in a pretty fucked position. Untenable to say the least. So what next? I tried drinking my way out of the situation the other day. It didn't work quite the way I planned - I passed out. It would seem that the image of the brilliant drunken writer is mostly an illusion. There is a very notable picture of Sakaguchi Ango* at his cluttered writing desk - cigarette butts scattered with wild abandon, half-full glasses of whisky, half-empty bottles of sake, and the like - and it is indeed something to aspire to, but then again he used speed to help with his writing and the liquor to temper the amphetemines. So to any of you young kids out there (not that anyone is reading this but me) drinking does not make you a better writer. It just makes you fall asleep (I have no recollection of other consequences but the black outs leave time enough for anything).

Drink of the Moment: Prairie Fire (1 shot tequila, as many drops tabasco as you can handle)

It burns so pretty down the throat. The tequila burns on the way down (as alcohol is loath to do) and the tabasco burns its way back up. That shit will wake you up.

On to more important matters...

* For those of you who do not know, Sakaguchi Ango (1906-1955), was a Japanese writer of some renown. He got most of his acclaim from his short essays: "A Personal View of Japanese Culture"(1942), "Pearls"(1942), and "Discourse on Decadence"(1946). They provided a unique iconoclastic view on wartime and postwar Japan. He was one of the writers on whom I composed my honors thesis. You should check his work out - good stuff.

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