Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And to think I almost became a dentist...

Things I would take with me on my trip on the S.S. Minnow 3:

1. A means to get off the island.

This was going to be a much longer list but I decided to shorten it.

For a second there I almost thought I had run out of things to say.


Comments of Note: J.S. Krol , the sexiest man I know and one of the select few I would go gay for, has graciously offered to be the "good friend" of mine who will be getting married within the year. Not only that he has promised to get married not only once, but twice within the year (likely to a girl and her mother and/or sister). For all you curious ladies, the J.S. does not stand for Johann Sebastian (good guess though). Interested parties should leave comments for him on this page as, for purposes of protecting his anonymity, I will be acting as go between for this potential marriages. By the way, he only likes hot bitches (the skankier the better). And to repeat - he is very attractive (almost impossibly so).


"The proprietor of the single lodge here at first wanted to make this a resort spring, for the location is very scenic (he planned a bus service, too). You may wish to use a reference triangle to verify the Polar-Rectangle Conversion Theorem. For simplicity select mountain dwellers and the pole is the origin. Only once she hit the street did Melanie ask herself where she was going. By definition I have a real job, too - it would take an extrodinary young man to live such a life today. Ask your students if their calculators have this capacity."

- Anne Hotta with Yoko Ishiguro, A Guide to Japanese Hot Springs, pg. 195
- Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics, pg. 475
- Michele Martinez, Most Wanted, pg. 316


My foot's asleep. Ok Jeff, you can read it now.

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